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Is there a possibility of AOTB server coming back up
Acorn you still play on here!!!!! :d
Is Hulk still a mod on here?!
Why create a new one? Why not just re-open the old one?
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SKlDSServer has been suspended until we reach this month's goal, these things don't run for free...
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sfinn14 MEMBER  Skids this was the first hexxit server i have ever played on so after a sufficient amount of work i will try to donate if possible. I want you to know that this is the best hexxit server out there and that when this comes back up it will make my day. I know money is a problem but dont let this be another great server that dies good luck to you :)
Acorn_Erika MEMBER  I wish i could donate too :(
masseffect11 MEMBER  I thought this server was history! I thought you all died! I thought this was the end of my adventures on the server!!!!!!
But you're all still here! :d
I missed all of you so much!
I can finally get on hexxit with you guys again and try attack of the b team!
Hex-it! has reached a new record of 2600 registered users today!
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black_blaze_ Helper  Yeya!
pham6070 Helper  Awesome!
SKlDSIf you guys actually thought running good servers were cheap....
Acorn_Erika MEMBER  whoa why do you have to pay to own a public server?
Asela OwnerBecause I'm feeling generous, use of hookshots and staffs has been enabled again in all worlds except the main world. This means VIP world, explore world, nether, twilight forest, etc.

If you are VIP you can use them in the main world. Abuse will get this privilege REVOKED.

Abuse in any world (except pvp) will get this privilege revoked for all players. Do not harass others using these items.
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Asela Owner  Also there's a bit of a surprise in one of the spawn buildings...see if you can find it?
Asela Owner/fly is now an available purchase in the donation shop (Hexxit only atm)! Support the server and fly~~~~

On that note, I made some updates to how the donation shop runs behind the scenes. Now when you buy something, you should receive a message in game! However, changes have the potential to break things. If you purchase something and it doesn't work, please message me. Thanks!
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SKlDSB-Team server currently in Alpha/Testing Mode. Feel free to explore!
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